My Passion

I care about you being free from any type of pain/stress/bad health. I care about connecting people with who they truly are and I feel that pain in the body is the bodys way of speaking to you that something is out of balance. It reminds us that we are holding on to some type of trauma. I am passionate about releasing trapped emotions and the impact they have on the body to give you relief from physical and emotional issues.


It is possible to achieve change when you have the awareness to do it and set the intention.

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"Conscious manifestation can only bring about positive outcomes when the energies we give to our desires and intentions are love-based and free from fear based thoughts and emotions."
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Discovering Kinesiology

I remember travelling to Thailand when l was in my early 20’s and being so curious about the happy, smiling seemingly contented people l encountered there. I found this to be a great difference from my culture in Australia and living in Sydney. I began to start reading all the esoteric books l could find, to look for the peace, happiness and connection that l saw the Thai people had. Many books and education courses later, l finally realised that l had to resolve my emotional disconnection and work on myself first. During the completion of my Kinesiology Diploma, I was also able to find the source of and release the physical pain in my hips and lower back that I had carried with me for so long.


The modalities that l have learned have empowered me to be able to help myself and treat you with the many varied stresses that life throws at us.


We can make our lives and this world a more peaceful place by finding our own peace. This increases our electromagnetic field of our heart which now can be measured. Researchers at the HeartMath Institute have found that the heart sends out energy patterns to the rest of the body, including the organs, tissues and even the brain when we focus on love and peace. 

I would love to have the opportunity to help you release any issues you may have, be it physical, spiritual or emotional.

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